With AceFlex company moto of ‘Honesty , ‘Sincerity’, ‘Endurance’,
we will do our best to serve for customer satisfaction and environment

Ilshin has established a leadership role in metal forging industry with variety of products and high quality.
Established in 1972, the company has produced various machines, originally best in rolling roll, and has cooperated with major companies in Korea.

Based on the experience and knowledge acquired in the metal forging production market, in 2006 the company headed into the PVC laminated fabric business with its own machines and engineers.
The company developed own product “Aceflex” used for signage material, which are Backlit Flex, Frontlit Banner, Blockout and other media for signage market.

And the company has developed many of eco-products based of EVA and TPO.
Especially, product of EVA has been developed with Japanese company and exported to Japan market with great quality.

And now, with over 40 years of business under its belt, Ilshin is taking its experience into the LVT market.
Its new plant has been ready for production and its site is more than 70,000m2.

Through emotional design and best quality, AceFloor (LVT) is creating your perfect floor and best life style.

With company motto of “Honesty”, “Sincerity”, “Endurance”, we will do our best to serve for customer satisfaction and the environment.

Thank you very much.


From All employees.